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Lab News


February 2024

The good funding news this year keeps coming. We just received a 5 year CIHR project grant to explore epigenetic and transcriptional mechanisms that drive small cell lung cancer evolution and drug resistance and to identify novel strategies to therapeutically target the unique epigenetic landscape of small cell lung cancer. Thanks CIHR for support our research!


January 2024

We had a great start to the year and just got our first national grant! We received a 5 year Emerging Scholar Research Grant from the Canadian Cancer Society to better understand the mechanisms underlying the genesis and progression of small cell lung cancer. Thanks CCS for supporting our research!



November 2023

We're so excited to see the lab continue to grow with Nivitha Bhaskar and Liat Stitz who have joined as Research Assistants. 

Welcome Nivitha & Liat!!

September 2023

It was bitter sweet saying good bye to my first student. Louis had a great 8 months in the lab and accomplished a ton in that time. Thanks Louis! But I am excited that Diya and Bea are sticking around for a little while longer to keep up all their hard work in the lab. I also remembered to get a picture at our good bye lunch for Louis so I now have proof that my lab exists.


August 2023

I had a great time at the SCLC Young Investigators Forum Aug 1-3 in New Orleans. It was a great privilege to be selected to speak about our work on YAP/TEAD in SCLC at this fantastic meeting and to meet everyone involved. It was also really exciting to win the 2nd runner up prize at this highly-competitive meeting. Thanks to the organizers and sponsors!


August 2023

We received funding from the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation to support our work on the YAP/TEAD pathway in small cell neuroendocrine cancers. Thanks CCMF for your support!!


May 2023

We're really happy to have Diya Ukani join the lab as a summer co-op student and Bea Ricarte join as a Honors student. The benches are starting to get full now!

Welcome Diya & Bea!!

Image by Belinda Fewings

January 2023

The Pearson lab is excited to welcome our first ever student, Louis Dela Pena. Louis is joining us as a co-op student for the next few months working on the YAP-TEAD pathway in small cell lung cancer.

Welcome Louis!!

Image by Tim Mossholder


November 2022

We were recently interviewed by The Scientist regarding our COVID-19 and cancer work and the experience switching from studying cancer to COVID-19 during the pandemic. The interview is now online and you can read it here.


September 2022

The Pearson lab is officially up and running (sort of) at the CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute! We're recruiting undergraduates, grad students and postdocs interested in better understanding the molecular basis of cancer and identifying new cancer therapeutics.

Image by Tim Mossholder
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